“Handbags speak louder than words!” — Gigi

Luxury handbags are more of a style statement and displays richness and class rather than a mere accessory. Luxury handbag designers like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc. create fashionable and stylish leather, suede handbags which is every woman’s dream. Given the fortune you spend on buying such high quality bags, it is also important to take care of them so they last long and stand through testing times. But have you ever wondered how to safeguard such expensive handbags from getting spoilt? Have you ever thought of the best ways to store them at home when not in use?

Here are some tips to keep your bag look brand new all the time.

Stuff the bag with a dust cloth

When you are switching handbags, stuff the bag with dust cloth filled with some old soft papers or tissues. This helps in preserving the structure of the handbag. Avoid stuffing newspapers as they may stain the inside cloth. You can also keep the bags inside the dust cover and hang them.

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Arrange neatly in a cupboard with some breathing space

Always arrange your bags in a cool and dry place with few inches away from each other. This will help in avoiding discoloration and any chemical reactions on the bag’s surface. Also, avoid the stacking of bags.

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Use bags within bags

It is always good to use small bags or purses to organize smaller things within big handbags. Makeup items, coins, and currencies can be used in zipped purses from spilling over in the bag. This will help you to reach things quickly and keep the bag’s frame sturdy.

No food items, please!

To safeguard your handbags, avoid keeping any food items or drinks in the handbags. You will not like a stinky and messy bag with food leftovers right?

Careful when you are placing that bag

You should always be mindful about where you are keeping the bag when you are outside home. Avoid placing it on a hard surface or wet surface like a kitchen platform or on a dusty ground which could bleed the dye/color and stain your bag.

Moisture content in bags

During the winter season or when unused for a longer time, the handbags tend to have moisture accumulated on their surface and inside. Remember the small silica gel sachet that comes in every bag? Do not throw it away. This is important to absorb the moisture in the bag, so keep it in the bag always. To clean the moisture on the bag’s surface, use a soft cloth or tissue to wipe away the dirt.

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These few affordable methods should help you take care of the bags in the long run. Show some love and care, they will always shine like a new baby!